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 Micro Massager Foam Roller (Purple) price

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Attain Pain Relief & Boost Your Athletic Abilities With The Solona Fitness Foam Roller

Your muscles are the force fueling your mobility, flexibility and agility. Failing to properly care for them is a fatal flaw, which gradually leads to poor muscle adhesion and impaired movement.

While once an obscure, medical term, myofascial release is now a widely-known practice, embraced by fitness enthusiasts and athletes alike.

Self-myofascial release entails hitting muscle trigger points, meaning, contracted, dense muscle areas which are source of radiating, constant pain freeing them up of tension and getting relief from pain.

At Solona Fitness, we have designed the best foam roller you could ever have, to help you enjoy a pain-free life!

Just Roll With It

There is nothing complex about training or warming up with our foam roller. Affording you full control of the process, you can choose which area to target and simply roll on your back, at the pace you feel most comfortable with.

Its smooth, textured surface, featuring ridges and bumps, imitates the natural sensation of fingers and palms, providing you with an otherworldly, deep-tissue massage experience, which promotes muscle healing and helps you feel rejuvenated, too.

BONUS Roller Stick For Topical Relief

With the help of our amazing muscle stick, you can massage your arms, legs, and any specific, troublesome area and feel better, within mere seconds.

Portable and travel-friendly, our muscle roller stick will help top off your rolling exercises, anywhere you might be!

Foam Roller Dimensions: 13 x 5.5î

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Micro Massager Foam Roller (Purple) Feature

  • MUSCLE PAIN RELIEF & ENHANCED PERFORMANCE: Rolling has taken the fitness world by storm, as it is the perfect way to both prepare and recover from exercise. As you gently roll around, our roller stimulates blood circulation which ensures optimal muscle oxygenation, helping in preventing the incidence of cramps, as well as lactic acid buildup, which causes muscle pain.
  • TEXTURED SURFACE GRID FOR COMFORT & EFFICIENCY: Contrary to most foam rollers on the market, the Solona Fitness foam roller features an ergonomically designed, textured surface, which helps you make the most out of your exercise regimen, without causing muscle strain or back pain. Highly dense, with a hollow core, our roller remains firm and stable throughout use, guaranteeing swift trigger point and self-myofascial release.
  • EXPERT MASSAGING: Recommended by physical therapists, mobility rehabilitation specialists and sports professionals, our foam roller will become your new fitness staple. Carry it with you to your yoga, Pilates and gym training sessions, incorporate it into your physical therapy regimen to spice up your exercise routines and get take your injury rehab program to the next level.
  • SUPERIOR QUALITY EVA FOAM: This outstanding roller is made of durable EVA foam, ensuring it will not lose its sturdy, firm shape, even after prolonged, daily use. Thanks to EVA foam’s inherent durability, you can smoothly clean your roller by wiping it with a damp cloth, to ensure its longevity. Measuring at 13″, our compact roller effortlessly fits into your gym bag, affording perfect portability.
  • BONUS MUSCLE STICK ROLLER WITH PURCHASE!: To help you experience targeted pain relief and enjoy fitness the way you deserve, each Solona Fitness textured foam roller purchase is accompanied by a FREE, Muscle Stick Roller – a 20$ value gift! Start treating your muscles right by purchasing this Textured Foam Roller & BONUS Muscle Stick Roller, Today!

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