The depurative diet.

The word “purify” means to purify or cleanse. Therefore a “purifying diet” will be one that helps us to expel from our organism those molecules or substances that are strange and therefore “dirty” or “intoxicated” the interior of the body.

We live in a society with a highly toxic environment, we are surrounded by a multitude of synthetic chemicals that reach our body through the skin, food or breath. It is therefore necessary to learn how to cleanse and cleanse the body frequently; I recommend doing a depurative day every 10 days or at least once a month.

To understand the best way to eliminate toxins, it is important to reflect on the cleansing capacities of our body.

The body is in constant contact with numerous natural and artificial substances. These can have utility for the body and be beneficial (nutrients or water) or prove useless. In the latter case, the body has to metabolize them (transform them) so as not to become intoxicated and to be able to expel them correctly.

The intestine is one of the first filters that have to pass the substances that come from the feed. If the intestinal barrier is healthy, the foreign particles can be eliminated in the bowel movements. However, if there is excess intestinal permeability, they will enter the body and go into the bloodstream, as will all those entering through the skin or breathing. Once they reach the blood, they will be filtered by the liver, an organ that has numerous enzymes (phase I and II) that transform them into substances less toxic to us. The metabolites resulting from this transformation can be eliminated by different routes such as renal, biliary or sweat or be accumulated in certain tissues and organs.

Understood this process is crucial to understand the importance of preventing substances from reaching the body to avoid a hepatic overload and the accumulation of foreign substances in the body. But we live in a “chemical world” and sometimes this is inevitable, so we must consume foods that regulate intestinal transit, improve liver function and stimulate diuresis to be able to expel toxins efficiently. The intestine, liver and kidneys will be our allies in this process.

The first thing to keep in mind is that the foods consumed only provide nutrients and do not contain synthetic particles. For this to be the case, natural and organic products will be the most reliable. Feeding should prioritize the consumption of vegetable proteins compared to animals in a ratio of 70/30. The excess of animal proteins contributes a greater amount of ammonia, provoking greater acidity and hindering the processes of cleaning. Food-cleansing

Foods to avoid are sugar, refined flour, meat products, large blue fish (contaminated with heavy metals), precooked foods, soft drinks, knick-knacks, refined oils, refined salt, animal fats and food additives.

Priority foods in the depurative diet come from the plant kingdom: whole grains, legumes, vegetables, fruits and seeds. A diet composed of these foods improves intestinal transit, is rich in liquids, micronutrients and helps cleanse the liver.

A cereal with enormous purifying properties is oats; it is a grain rich in fiber, amino acids and minerals. Taking oatmeal for breakfast prevents constipation and provides slow-absorbing carbohydrates. I recommend eating a bowl of fine oat flakes (preferably cooked if there are difficulties in their digestion) with ground seeds and red fruits (rich in antioxidants). This muesli can be cooked with mineral water or with drink from the same cereal.

Green liqueurs rich in chlorophyll and potassium are also indispensable in this pattern. Ideally, take them on an empty stomach in the morning and between meals. These Liquefied act on the liver, are alkalizing and provide enzymes that help improve the digestive processes. I recommend the juice of cucumber, celery, apple, parsley, chard and papaya.
The use of herbal medicine is also interesting in this process. Horsetail, dandelion, orthosiphon or nettle are some of the plants with depurative and diuretic properties. Taking an infusion at mid-morning will come in handy to remove fluids. However, I do not recommend consuming it in the afternoon because we may have difficulty sleeping if we have increased diuresis.

The vegetables with the highest purifying effect will be vegetables rich in sulfur (onion, garlic), green leaves rich in chlorophyll, bitter vegetables (artichoke, endive, chicory, celery), roots (turnip, beet, carrot, radishes ) And asparagus. These foods will be the basis of food purification so we have to consume at least five pieces a day in food, dinner and in the vegetable smoothies. I recommend making a cleansing broth to take twice a day with a vegetable of each group. We should not forget the intake of filtered or mineral water, approximately 1.5 liters a day and avoid tap water, often contaminated and very rich in Chlorine. I recommend following the diagram on the previous page for three days to do a good debugging. The first two days we will dispense with animal proteins and incorporate whole grains and legumes in the food (lentils with rice, sniffed with quinoa, chickpeas with millet) and vegetables at dinner. On the third day we will also add a serving of fish at dinner. Purifying diets should not be prolonged much over time because they often have less protein than recommended. It is more appropriate to do a depurative day every 10-15 days, than to carry this plan for more than a week. The proposed three-day schedule can be made at the beginning of each season. The combination of different vegetable proteins (grains, legumes, seeds and nuts) contributes not to compromise the muscle mass and to be able to maintain the daily activity without problems. High intensity physical exercise is not recommended for these three days. Legumes the normal thing is that this guideline regulates the intestinal transit. However, if there is constipation, it is necessary to take measures to make the depurative process efficient. A simple, effective and non-aggressive remedy is pure organic aloe vera juice, taking a tablespoon of juice diluted in 150 ml of warm water in the morning in the morning is usually effective. Linseed seeds placed in hot water for 8 hours and taken in the morning in the morning may also work. Other effective remedies are coffee enemas, very interesting when we are purifying the body. Or even attend a colon hydrotherapy session. Never forget the fundamental role of the intestine in the entry and exit of toxic. With this dietary pattern is also achieved to alkalize the body, reduce the oxidative stress produced by free radicals, lose body fat and body fluids, clean the intestine, debug the liver, provide luminosity to the skin and feel more vital. It is not a diet indicated to lose weight in the long term, for this we have to have a continuity for a longer time. But it may be a good option to start a weight loss treatment and start with a more refined liver.