Cheats for an enviable smile.

We cannot forget that the natural tone of the teeth is not white, so to show an enviable smile we do not have to have a perfect and unblemished

That our teeth look radiant sometimes is not an easy task. And is that enjoy an enviable smile depends on many factors: genetics, good health, food …

Having extra-white, flawless teeth, such as some celebrities often wear-or sell us in toothpaste ads-sometimes goes away from reality and may even end up being harmful.

And, while everything must be given in its proper measure, there are some tricks that will help you to show yourself smiling without complexes.

Here we tell you.
Is white the natural color of teeth?

9 foods that strengthen your teeth A beautiful smile should be a reflection of our physical and mental health. But be careful, do not think white is synonymous with healthy.

In fact, completely white teeth do not exist naturally. Normal color is closer to an ivory hue. And there are always nuances, ranging from yellow, brown and gray.

However, the obsession with having an immaculate denture sometimes leads to the use of whitening products without professional control. These could seriously compromise oral health.
What you should avoid to show off a radiant smile

Although the pure white does not exist, you can carry out some tricks that, added to an adequate daily dental hygiene, will allow you to have an enviable smile.

For example, you should avoid overeating some drinks that may stain or make your teeth yellow. Reduces consumption of coffee, tea and red wine.
If you smoke, you will also be adding extra blemishes to your teeth. Say goodbye to the cigarette and you will benefit, in addition, in many other aspects.
On the other hand, some medications can also alter the coloring of the teeth.
It also controls the consumption of sugars, carbonated drinks and citrus fruits. All favor the demineralization of dental pieces.

Do not forget: Never stop smiling

Foods That Help You Get Healthy And Beautiful Teeth

Benefits-of-the-apple-to-the-skin As some foods contribute to the bad appearance of your teeth, others achieve the opposite effect and are also very healthy. So, in your diet you should not miss:


Another very effective trick to highlight the brightness of your teeth is to rub it with the inside of a banana peel. Give it a try and you’ll notice the difference.
More tips for smiling smoothly

Consider also these tips for a beautiful and healthy smile:

Use soft bristle brushes, straight handle and small head.
Avoid abrasive toothpastes. Ask the dentist which one is most convenient for you.
If in certain circumstances you cannot agree to brush your teeth and you should opt for a chewing gum to ensure your good breath, choose one without sugar and that – as much as possible – contain calcium.

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Makeup, a trick that never fails to achieve an enviable smile

Whiter Teeth In the case of women, you can also get a good smile with the right makeup.

The idea is to “accompany” the color of the teeth and not to highlight the imperfections.

For example, painting the lips in red or orange tones may, in some cases, make the teeth feel more yellowish.

If this happens, you have to opt for some soft pink or simply use a sheen.

In the case of lighter skins, it is advisable to use some cosmetic that gives a little more color to the face.
In this way we will achieve that, by contrast, the teeth will look whiter.

Know the risks of teeth less whitening

If you abuse or perform your own teeth whitening procedures, you should be aware that you may encounter some “collateral damage”. For example:

Dental hypersensitivity
Injuries to the dental pulp that, in extreme cases, can cause the loss of the piece.

So, remember that tooth whitening should only be performed by your trusted dentist.

And is that the professional is able to determine which is the most appropriate treatment in each case to achieve the desired goal of an enviable smile.