5 things to remove from your home to be healthier.

If you want a healthier life is convenient to avoid the use of plastic containers and non-stick pans, since their compounds can be harmful to the body
How healthy do you consider yourself? Do you think your home is a healthy place? Most of us would respond that your home is absolutely safe and sound.

After all, it is the place where we feel safe and believe that everything is fine there. However, today we want to talk about some things that you should eliminate from your home to be healthier.

You will find that some of these elements seem completely harmless.

Moreover, they are articles that we all consider “necessary” for daily life.

The problem is that some can cause some problems to our health and are there more for what we have heard in the advertising media.

1. Artificial sweeteners

Sweeteners insurance

These are the first things to remove from your home to be healthier, as artificial sweeteners like aspartame and sucralose cheat your body to store fat.

The consumption of artificial sweeteners increases the risk of diabetes or alter your glucose levels when you already live with this condition.

Just as bad for health are all foods and beverages that contain artificial sweeteners, such as diet soda.

In addition to affecting insulin sensitivity and promoting weight gain, artificial sweeteners favor:

Heart attacks
The Alzheimer’s

One of the reasons artificial sweeteners favor these problems is that they alter the intestinal flora and metabolic function.

These chemicals also cause glucose intolerance, making it difficult to treat diabetes.

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2. Plastic food containers

The second of the things to remove from your home are those containers and plastic bottles to store food.

This will allow you to reduce the exposure of your endocrine system to chemicals such as bisphenol A and phthalates.

Your endocrine system regulates:

Your mood
The processes of growth and development
The function of the tissue
Sexual and reproductive function

When you consume bottled water or foods that you have bought or maintained for a long time in plastic containers you run the risk of presenting:

Reproductive health problems
Various types of cancer

The problem is that over time and constant washing, plastic containers give off waste that you can be consuming without realizing it.

Ideally, you should buy glass containers or opt for phthalate-free ones.

3. Non-stick pans

Fat-from-the-frying pans

Do you often use pans and nonstick cookware? This is likely to be if you do not like food to stick to cooking and you are a practical person.

However, you should know that these are one of the things that you should remove from your home to be healthier.

For pans like non-stick cookware it is best to replace them with ceramic or glass containers.

The problem with these articles is that the coating that prevents food from sticking contains perfluorooctanoic acid, a chemical associated with the onset of cancer.

The antiadherence of is due to fluoride present in perfluorooctanoic acid.
The problem is that once you heat the pot or pan, the fluoride vaporizes in the air.
Once it has vaporized, it is impossible to identify the presence of toxic fluoride, so inhale without realizing it.

4. Air fresheners

Air fresheners or deodorants contain dichlorophenol, a chemical that has been linked to precocious puberty and other health problems, including cancer.

Other chemicals common in air fresheners are phthalates which, as mentioned above, affect the endocrine system.

If you are having problems with unpleasant odors in your home try alternative options to air fresheners.

Some of the things you can do are:

Open your doors and windows daily to let the rooms ventilate and improve the atmosphere.
Uses essential oils of good quality to incorporate a touch of pleasant aroma.
Place fresh flowers in the rooms of your home.
Burn an incense stick every day.

We know that using air fresheners is an act that has become customary, but you should think carefully before using them.

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5. Packaged spices

Discover the spices

Cooking herbs and spices contain a wide variety of antioxidants, minerals and vitamins that help maximize the amount of nutrients in your food.

However, even

To really take advantage of these benefits you have to make sure the spices are fresh. The problem with the options of packaged spices that you will find in the supermarket is that they have to go through a process of conservation. This, usually, means that they have been added some chemicals to avoid that they lose flavor and texture. Our recommendation is to acquire the natural spices in the local markets or that you plant them in your home garden. This way you make sure you always have fresh spices on hand.