4 signs that you have a vaginal infection.

From little girls, mothers inculcate the almost religious care and grooming of that important part of our body that is the vagina. As one of the centers that defines our femininity from the physical point of view, the health of the vagina is key to our well-being and to the good state of our sex life. And one of the most common vaginal conditions, and also the least known, is vaginitis, which is the medical term for vaginal infection.

Causes of vaginal infection

There are many causes, but the three most common infections are caused by fungi, bacterial vaginosis and trichomoniasis (caused by a parasite). Each type of vaginitis should receive a different treatment, so it is important to see your doctor if you notice any signs of infection. There are cases where the infections do not show some symptoms, and are only detected by the doctor during a regular examination, but in many cases the vaginal secretions are the first sign indicador. Although secretions are usually normal, any changes you may experience may be a sign of alarm.

You may have a vaginal infection if:

You have secretions different from your normal secretions
You feel burning or itching
You experience pain or irritation when you urinate or when you have sex
You detect a strong and unusual vaginal odor

How to prevent vaginitis

Returning to the beginning of this note, once again our mothers are right: the best way to avoid a vaginal infection is to maintain hygiene. However, in such a delicate area, it is not simply a question of clean-up. Here are some key tips for proper grooming of the vagina:

Say no to vaginal douches, which alter the natural balance of vaginal organisms and may even aggravate an infection. Instead, you should wash the outside with soap and dry well.
Avoid perfumed soaps, bubble baths, tampons, powders and deodorants, which can cause irritation and lead to infection.
To combat moisture and feel cooler, choose cotton instead of synthetic underwear. And never wear wet or tight fitting underwear!